Review Policy

Your Average Bookworms is a young adult blog. Therefore, I only review YA novels. 

I'm always excited to get emails from anyone and everyone! Any concerns, or requests for reviews, guest posts, hosting giveaways and blog tours and any other promotional posts for books, will not be ignored! However, please note that I do not accept every request. The decision is based on my availability and interest in the book.

All of the reviews I post are entirely my honest opinion. They will not be biased in any way whatsoever.

I will review any ARC or already released books within my interests.

Books I enjoy reading from most to least: 
Urban fantasy
Science Fiction 

I will certainly write an honest review, which does mean that the review may not be positive depending on my thoughts of the book.

Hard copies only please. I do not review anything if it is in eBook format because it's more accessible to have hard copies.
I will read the book and post the review ASAP. If you have a specific date you would like me to post or review, please let me know!

Questions? Concerns? Requests? Contact me at youraveragebookworms@hotmail.com