Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gorgeous by Rachel Vail REVIEW

Publisher: Harper Teen, June 1st 2009
282 pages.
What would you give to be beautiful?

I thought this book would be humorous, and a fun, light read,but I was rather disappointed because, well... it was none of the above.

First off, I didn't like the characters, and even if I liked them, I didn't have that connection with them, which was a little off for me. I didn't like Charlie, even though she was the main character, she was always self-conscious, to the point where it got annoying when she kept repeating that she could was never good enough. I'm not saying, that I don't complain when I get self-conscious, it's just that her complaining went a little overboard. I thought Roxie was a cute, fun character and I just thought she deserved a better friend because of what Charlie has put her through. Obviously, I hated Jade because all she ever did was bring down her friends, especially Charlie.

What I did like though, was reading the bond of Charlie and her family. It surprised to see Charlie and her sisters being so close, and connected, and always sticking for each other. It touched me a little to see that when in troubling times, your family is always there for you, through thick and thin, and they won't ever judge you.

Honestly, I was just so disappointed with this book, during the beginning, it was hard for me to not put down this book and move on, since it was so dull. And half the time, all I ever read about was Charlie complaining. I really don't want to bash on this book, so I think you should still read this book and see what you think of it, since everyone has different opinions.

Rating: 2.5/5
Cover: 5/10
Character(s) I liked: Roxie, Quinn, Phoebe
Character(s) I disliked: Jade
First Sentence: I sold my cell phone to the devil.
Summary: from Goodreads

She's looking good...but Allison Avery can't believe it. Growing up with beautiful, blond sisters, Allison has always been the dark-haired, "interesting-looking" Avery. So when the devil shows up and offers to make her gorgeous, Allison jumps at the chance to finally get noticed. But there's one tiny catch, and it's not her soul: The devil wants her cell phone.

Though her deal with the devil seems like a good idea at the time, Allison soon realizes that being gorgeous isn't as easy as it looks. Are her new friends and boyfriend for real, or do they just like her pretty face? Allison can't trust anyone anymore, and her possessed phone and her family's financial crisis aren't making things any easier. Plus when she finds out that she might be America's next teen model, all hell breaks loose. Allison may be losing control, but how far is she willing to go to stay gorgeous forever?

Following the critically acclaimed LUCKY, Rachel Vail continues her poignant sisterhood trilogy with the rebellious middle Avery sister, Allison. Fiery, sarcastic, and just plain fun, GORGEOUS captures the heartbreak and hilarity in one girl's attempt to have it all.

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