Thursday, April 7, 2011

Follow Friday (2)

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This week's featured blogger was Lesley @ My Keeper Shelf
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Follow Friday's question this week was:
Do you judge a book by its cover?

A. Definitely. I know its not good to do that, but its hard for me to read a book with an unattractive cover. I tend to drift towards the covers that are eye catching and unique. Whether I'm in the library or in the book store, it's those covers that I tend to pick up and be interested in to read the summary at the back. Of course, not all good covers mean good plot lines. Sadly, its because of my bad habit, that I miss out on so much good books.


  1. I totally judge a book by its cover and am not ashamed to admit it! LOL

    I will definitely be following you! Please stop by my blog and say hi! I dont bite!

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  2. I totally agree with everything you said. Its the same with me haha.
    Hopping via FF! Hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. Yup, I generally gravitate more towards books with pretty covers also.

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  4. Already following. Hope you have a lovely week-end.

    My Head is Full of Books

  5. It can take me a while to try out a book with a cover I don't care for, but I tend to be attracted to books with interesting covers first. I'm already a follower. My FF is at Coffee Table Reviews

  6. Hi! New follower here. Would love for you to follow me. Nice to meet you.

    For me, it is the cover and the title that tempt me to read the blurb. If the blurb reads great, I'll grab the book. I remember the first time I saw Harry Potter's book covers, I was like, O_o...not sure if I liked them. Love the inside but the covers weren't really to my taste.
    Happy Follow Friday!!!
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  7. New Follower hopping by to say hi...I am a sucker for a pretty cover, if the cover is pretty and the back of the book interests me I'm sold! Happy Reading =o)

  8. I think we can all agree that even the most beautiful book cover can't sell a book if the writing's not there. Book cover art may, at best, help steer me in the book's direction (especially if I'm in a book store) but it's not going to hypnotize me into buying it right then and there.

    I expound on all the marketing qualities of a good book. Just follow me back to my book blog -

    Thank God it's Follow Friday!?

    Howard Sherman

  9. For in person browsing, covers are so important. It's a make or break deal as to wether I'll pick up a book with so many out there. Online where there are ratings and reviews along with it, it's less important, but still valid.

    Megan @ Read It, See It


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