Saturday, April 2, 2011

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian REVIEW

The plot is interesting. About a girl that has to live with 7 boys because her parents was shipped to South Korea, and so, she has to learn to bond with these 7 boys.
Megan's character is fun, and caring, and she is determined. Very determined. She's always trying her best to find something that will help her be closer to these boys, but sometimes, you might be annoyed with her determination... if that makes sense. Her bonding, with Evan especially, causes the most trouble. But she doesn't realize, that when Evan has a girlfriend, that sometimes she needs to back off. She finds love with one of the brothers, but in the end, it just leads to heartbreak because they aren't supposed to be together. The story is filled with plenty of drama. Love, hurt, and sadness. The ending was resolved kind of quickly, but overall, it was an ending that would have to do.
At some points, the writing was repetitive. And sometimes, the writing would be a little.... childish? There were some parts where she would repeat what she wrote. That was probably the main flaw of it.
Overall, Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys is a fun read. It's not the type of novel that would leave an impact, but while you're reading it, you'll definitely enjoy it. Kind of like a on -the-beach type read.
Cover: 4/10
FIRST LINE: (prologue) "Megan, we need to talk"
Character(s) I liked: Miller, Aimee, Finn
Character(s) I disliked: Hailey, Doug
SUMMARY: from Goodreads
Boys. 7 of them, to be exact.
Megan is used to moving from place to place -- it's typical for an army brat. But she drew the line at South Korea. She insists on staying in the States to finish her last two years of high school. So her parents made arrangements for Megan to live with their friends, the McGowans... and the McGowans' 7 sons.
Turns out, living with 7 boys might as well be a foreign country! The boys are messy. They are cliquey (who knew?). And worst of all, two of the oldest boys are H-O-T. (A problem considering they are supposed to be Megan's "brothers.") Megan is definitely in enemy territory. She needs to win over the boys' hearts without totally crushing her own.
And when Megan starts falling for one of them, sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning...
What is a girl to do?

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