Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder REVIEW

Pretty Little Devils

For those of you who thought this was another one of those chick-lit books that always only talk about high school drama like boyfriends and popular boys, then you're COMPLETELY wrong. This book was one of those that started off on a good note, and ended off with a dark twist. One that will surprise any reader. Many of the characters all hungered for one thing; popularity. To be the top girl of their high school. Too bad someone's out to get them...
I have to admit, when I read the prologue, I was a little confused, since it started off with a phone conversation, and ended off with a blog entry. A rather threatening blog entry... I considered skipping this book, since I thought it would just be one of those many clique books. Boy was I glad I stuck with it.

The characters were well written. The author describes their feelings clearly, and I felt just as terrified as Hazel! It was only written in Hazel's perspective. But I would've wanted it to be more then one person. Like maybe Sylvia and Hazel. There was a lot of drama going on in the story. Not enough that made me think this book was out of control. Just enough to keep me entertained in every page.

In the book, with the whole blog entries and threatening messages and murders, it definitely made me think who it was. I have to admit, I jumped from person to person, accusing them because it seemed the most likely thing. In the end, I would've never guessed the person whoreally was the murderer. I was actually terrified of the outcome!
After reading this book, I was so careful of my surroundings because I was
scared that someone was out to get me. That was the impact it had on me!
Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a good
thriller that'll leave you paranoid, even at home!

COVER: 4/10
FIRST LINE: By the end of the first week, everyone had their designated seats in the cafeteria. - page 8
SUMMARY: from Goodreads
Hazel Stone wants nothing more than to be a part of the hottest clique in school, the Pretty Little Devils. She's got the style, she's cool enough, so how did she end up at a lunch table full of high school C-listers?

Hazel has resigned herself to life as a nobody, when suddenly everything changes. Sylvia, queen bee of PLDs, invites Hazel to one of the group's famous soirees-held at the site of their babysitting jobs.

Before Hazel knows it, she's in with the in crowd-and she couldn't be more thrilled!

But popularity comes with a price. Especially when on of Hazel's classmates becomes jealous of her newfound status-deadly jealous.

And you know how school gossip can just rip a girl to shreds...

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